Mozilla Firefox 2022 free Download for Linux

Mozilla Firefox 2022License: Freeware
Developer: Mozilla Organization
Website :
Operating System: Linux

Mozilla Firefox 2022 free Download for Linux – Download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox for Linux is one of the most widely used internet browsers besides Google Chrome. In version 2022 (Firefox Quantum), Firefox has actually made significant adjustments, its appeal has begun to increase and is able to resolve with a variety of other internet browsers.

Firefox for Linux update 2022

Like various other internet browsers, Firefox for Linux has an automatic update feature. Firefox’s automatic updates are blocked when the browser starts which is likely to temporarily avoid using it.

Firefox 2022 Launched. With the launch of this version, the Firefox browser really feels very diverse, contemporary, effective and fast. You will definitely see that Firefox starts very fast differently from previous versions.

Mozilla Firefox 2022 for Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and Debian

Debian Linux people may not have the ability to find the current version of Firefox in their secure database. As we understand it, Debian is a Linux circulation that emphasizes stability and applications that are used have a tendency to use older versions of applications that have actually been examined in advance by the Debian development group. If you are a Debian Linux circulation user, you can enjoy the latest version of Mozilla Firefox by installing Firefox by hand using the installer file that we can download on the site or using the Debian testing and unstable repositories.

Unlike the Linux Mint and Ubuntu distro users, applications that are included in the repository often tend to be applications with the current version, although not all applications use the latest version. Within a certain period, usually the applications contained in Linux Mint and the Ubuntu database will be updated and we can use it by updating the application.

Mozilla Firefox 2022 free Download for Linux

Mozilla Firefox 2022 free Download for Linux

How to install Firefox on the latest Ubuntu Linux

For Mozilla Firefox, you can view the version in the repository whether or not to use the latest version in the following method: Run the incurable (Ctrl + Alt + t) and then type the message command listed below:

sudo apt update

After that

apt list --upgradable

You will see a list of applications that are ready to be updated, please find an application with the name Firefox and see which version is still in the update. If Firefox is not in the list of applications that are prepared to be updated, Firefox settings on a computer system are the most up-to-date version consisting of in the repository.

If the version used is the same as the latest Firefox release, we don’t need to download the Mozilla Firefox installer file on the internet site, just use the application found in the Linux Mint and Ubuntu system repositories.

To install Firefox on Linux Mint and Ubuntu can be done in this method ⇾ Run the terminal (Ctr + t) then type the text command below:

sudo apt install firefox

For Debian Linux, type the text command below (obtained as origin):.

# apt install firefox-esr

However, if the version of Firefox contained in the Linux Mint, Ubuntu and Debian system database does not use the most up-to-date version, we can install Firefox using the downloaded installer file.

Mozilla Firefox 2022 free Download for Linux

Download Mozilla Firefox 2022 for Linux 64-bit Instaler Package

Download Here (tar.bz2)

Download Mozilla Firefox 2022 for Linux 32-bit Instaler Package

Download Here (tar.bz2)


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